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Click and drag your mouse to rotate the Valor Hybrid & use keys "a & z" to zoom in and out
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Hybrid Photo Playing the HybridPlaying the HybridPlaying the HybridMichael Kelly HybridMichael Kelly HybridMichael Kelly HybridMichael Kelly Hybrid
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Michael Kelly Hybrid Video
See how to mix up your perfect blend of tone!

Click here to watch the Michael Kelly Hybrid Guitar in action. See how easy it is to switch from sweet acoustic tone to screamin' electric tone, and blend of the two together to create a truly amazing sound and tone!

If you’ve ever wished for screaming electric and sweet acoustic tones in one single guitar, this perfect blend is now possible with the new Michael Kelly Hybrid. The Hybrid is the perfect stage and studio instrument because it instantly switches from a full acoustic guitar tone to a ripping electric tone plus, the Hybrid can BLEND both tones together for almost infinite tonal combinations – creating the sound of a two axe attack!
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